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Pentru-ca eu sunt bogat….Because I Am Rich 6 noiembrie 2014

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have to remind myself that I am a very wealthy person. It’s easy to forget that the degree of your wealth begins with your standard. Today I needed to remember my standard. Because I am rich.

I am rich.

My wealth has nothing to do with gold…

Or silver…

Or specially printed government paper.

I am wealthy.

My bank account may hold the record

For most zeroes following the decimal point

But no dollar amount can provide the peace I possess.

I am rich.

I’m rich not because of my profound grip on financial matters

But because of a persistent grasp on what really matters.

I am well-off.

I’m rich because my want for material possessions lessens each day

And my desire for heavenly treasures grows by the minute.

I’m rich because the blood of Christ paid for my sin

And there is no greater redemptive payment.

I’m rich not because of what I hold in my hand,

But because of who holds my heart.

I am rich.10613029_570636699735859_3953750279537937128_n


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